Our Trainers


Founder/ PMA-Ncpt Pilates Instructor

Pilates Enthusiast since she started to train with Equipment Pilates in 2006.

Former Basketball Player since age of 7.

Ncpt Pilates Trainer Accredited by PMA

Certified Basi Pilates Compherensive Teacher CTTC

Pre-Post Pregnancy Pilates Specialist

Elite Athlete Coach

National Basketball Coach (TBF)

Trainings related to Pilates;


Basi Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training /2015/ 

Michael King Pilates- Mat and Reformer – /2015

Shoulder Mechanics Workshop/Basi Pilates/2017

Stretching with strengthening workshop/Basi Pilates

Hip Joint Exploration/Basi Pilates/2018

Foam rolling workshop/Basi/2018

Functional anatomy of the upper extremities and diseases/Serotonin Academy-Medical Pilates/2018/Istanbul/Turkey

Scoliosis Workshop/Pilates Anytime/2019

Pilates for Athletes Workshop/Basi Pilates /2019

Back to Basics Workshop/ Basi Pilates/2019

Pilates Through Pregnancy and Beyond/ Basi Pilates/2020

Exercise Physiology Programme / Stanford University / 2020

Pilates for Text Neck Workshop /Basi Pilates LFTL-2021

Pilates, Biomechanics and Reality Workshop //Basi Pilates LFTL-2021

Functional knee joint workshop//Basi Pilates LFTL-2021

Rotation, movement of the trunk and spine Workshop//Basi Pilates LFTL-2021

Hip injuries//Basi Pilates LFTL-2021

PMA-Ncpt Accredited Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher 2022



Pilates trainer


Yoga Instructor

Meat the team

Our Trainers are certified BASI trainers, equipped with a deep understanding of the human body. They bring to the team their own expertise in Pilates or Yoga.