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At Studio Stuttgart we offer personalised Pilates training and programmes. Our personalised equipment classes are taught by globally respected Pilates instructors using state-of-the-art Basi Systems equipment. 

Studio Stuttgart creates a tailor-made programme based on many years of experience, sports career and Pilates training from many reputable institutions.

A class with us promises to tighten and challenge your body, strengthen key muscle groups, increase flexibility, improve circulation and the overall efficiency of your body.


Our studio is located at the heart of Stuttgart in the most known mall Milaneo which is right at Stadtbibliothek U-Bahn station. If you would like to drive by your car, you will also find enough parking space in Milaneo. 

Studio Experience

Your instructor will be able to create the most effective programme for you, your body and your lifestyle in this unique experience. These classes are suitable for everyone and all fitness levels. Private classes can be shared with a partner, friend or family member.
Personal Training
We offer one-to-one and duet classes. Private lessons are designed to adapt the Pilates Method to the individual needs of your body. Sessions are done on a variety of apparatus and during each class you work on your own personalised programme. 
Group training sessions
Our group sessions are divided into 3. These are as follows; All levels, beginner-intermediate and advanced. Each class is performed on a wide range of Pilates equipment and you will work on your own customised programme during each class.  For this you can check our background training and certificates in our team section.


Frequently Asked Questions
A hand towel, clean pilates socks and some good mood 🙂

Comfortable sportswear without buttons, snaps and zips, generally tights . Please dress accordingly as the studio is co-ed. Since our training includes inversion and straddle stretching movements, we should state that tights should be worn underneath when loose shorts are preferred.
We require socks to be worn in our studio. Socks with sticky soles provide the best grip throughout the workout. If you do not have sticky socks, we have socks available for purchase at the studio.

You will find descriptions of each of our classes by hovering over the class type on the schedule page. Or else you can go under the menu “Our classes” and get all the details you look for. Still have questions? no problem. Our trainers will be more than happy to guide you through.

You can buy your card credits or memberships buy credit card, PayPal, ApplePay or SEPA.
This all depends on your goals . But consistency is key, and we recommend a couple of times a week.

Weight is linked to more than just movement practice and is highly dependent on nutrition and other aspects of health and lifestyle BUT Pilates will change your appearance. With improved strength, flexibility and improved postural alignment clients often say their friends ask if they have lost weight.

We can help with that. Everyone has to start from the base so you are not somewhere others have never been. You may ever surprise yourself.

Absolutely and no. Pilates is fantastic for everyone. It is a challenging workout even for the strongest of men.

Yes. First gain clearance from physician, pass on to us any notes from surgeons and physios etc. Private sessions also recommended to tailor sessions to your needs.