Founder | Pilates Trainer
  • Pilates enthusiast since she started to train with equipment pilates in 2006.
  • Former basketball player since age of 7.
  • Ncpt pilates trainer accredited by PMA
  • Certified Basi Pilates Compherensive Teacher
  • Mindfulness Practitioner in training
  • Completed Exercise Physiology at Stanford University
  • Pre-Post pregnancy pilates specialist
  • Elite athlete coach
  • National basketball coach (TBF)

Trainings and Certificates

  • Basi Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training /2015/ Bodrum/Turkey
  • Michael King Pilates Mat and Reformer – Workshop/2015/Bodrum/Turkey
  • Shoulder Mechanics Workshop/Basi Pilates/2017/Istanbul/Turkey
  • Stretching with strengthening workshop/Basi Pilates/2017/Istanbul/Turkey
  • Hip Joint Exploration/Basi Pilates/2018/Istanbul/Turkey
  • Foam roller workshop/Basi/2018/Istanbul/Turkey
  • Functional anatomy of the upper extremities and diseases/Serotonin Academy-Medical Pilates/2018/Istanbul/Turkey
  • Scoliosis Workshop/Pilates Anytime/2019
  • Pilates for Athletes Workshop/Basi Pilates /…2019..Munich/Germany
  • Back to Basics Workshop/ Basi Pilates/…2019..Munich/Germany
  • Pilates through Pregnancy and Beyond/ Basi Pilates..2020 / Athens/Greece
  • Exercise Physiology Programme / Stanford University / 2020
  • Pilates for Text Neck Workshop /Basi Pilates LFTL-2021/Munich/Germany
  • Pilates, Biomechanics and Reality Workshop //Basi Pilates LFTL-2021/Munich/Germany
  • Functional knee joint workshop//Basi Pilates LFTL-2021/Munich/Germany
  • Rotation, movement of the trunk and spine Workshop//Basi Pilates LFTL-2021/Munich/Germany
  • Hip injuries//Basi Pilates LFTL-2021/Munich/Germany
  • PMA-Ncpt (Accredited Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher )2022